Ikuru Kuwajima

Ikuru Kuwajima was born in 1984 in Japan. He graduated from Missouri University (Columbia, USA). He has lived and worked in Romania, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan. At present, he is working at Kazan Federal University in Kazan and studying externally at the Photodepartment Institute in St. Petersburg. From 2011 to 2013, he participated in the Reflexions Masterclass in Europe. In 2013, Kuwajima participated in the 55th Venice Biennial (Central Asia Pavilion, Astana Winter Urbanscapes project), in the Young Photojournalism Festival (Hanover, Germany, 2010–2012), the Noorderlicht International Photography Festival in the Netherlands (Metropolis — City Life in the Urban Age, 2011), the Reflexions Masterclass group exhibition (France, Arles, 2012). Has published projects in the Le Monde, Newsweek Japan, the Japanese and Romanian National Geographic, Guardian, Russian Reporter, Forbes, Colta.ru and others. Lives and works in Kazan.