Anja Medved

Anja Medved (born in 1969, Nova Gorica, Slovenia) graduated from the Academy of Theatre, Film, Radio and Television in Ljubljana with a degree in theatre and radio direction. She now performs her research through video, documentary films and actions in the public sphere. Medved runs the film association Kinokašča. Documentary films: Found Portraits, short documentary, Kinoatelje and Kinokašča, Italy and Slovenia (2014); Captured Water, documentary, Kinokašča (2014); Renato’s Plan, short documentary, Unikum and Kinokašča (2014); Gathered – The secret side of things we share, Kinoatelje and Zavod Kinokašča, Italy and Slovenia (2013); Album Mesta (Album of The City), Kinoatelje and Kinokašča, Italy and Slovenia (2012); Postajanja (Becoming), Stazione di Topolo and Kinokašča, Italy and Slovenia (2012); The Distance Between Two Sounds, Stazione Topolo (2011); Memory Clinic, Kinoatelje (2010); Tradition and Betrayal, Stazione Topolo and Kinoatelje (2010); Smuggler’s Confessional (Looking Through The Iron Curtain), European Home Movies Network and Kinoatelje (2010); Timeless River, co-author with Nadja Velušček, Kinoatelje (2010); Binding Memories, co-author with Nadja Velušček, Kinoatelje (2006); Upstream, with N. V., Kinoatelje (2006); The Town in The Meadow, with N. V., Kinoatelje (2004); My Borderline, with N. V., Kinoatelje (2002); These Were Not Birds, with N. V., Kinoatelje (1999). Selected solo exhibitions: Trieste Contemporanea, Smuggling Anthologies, Trieste (2014); Photonic Moments, Artist in Focus, Photon Gallery, Ljubljana (2014); City Perspectives, Photon Gallery, Vienna (2014); Ewige Baustelle-Večno Gradbišče-Cantiere Continuo, Unikum, Dordolla (2014); De_fragmentacija, Pixxelpoint 2013, Nova Gorica Gallery (2013); Smuggling Anthologies, MMSU Reka (2013); Zadnja petlekta, KC Tobačna 001, MGML, Ljubljana (2013); Sedanjost in prisotnost, MSUM, Ljubljana (2011); Collector’s Item, Mestna galerija Nova Gorica (2011); Pixxelpoint 2010, Mestna galerija Nova Gorica (2010); Paris Photo 2010, Video Art in Central Europe, Carrousel du Louvre, Paris (2010); Project 35, Independent Curators International, Disc 3, New York (2010); U3 - 6th Triennial of Contemporary Art in Slovenia, Moderna galerija Ljubljana (2010); Photonic Luminatic, Slovene Contemporary Photography and Video, Viennafair, Vienna (2009). She lives and works in the border area of Nova Gorica, Slovenia, and Gorizia, Italy.